MPHTJ Function

Hang Tuah Jaya Municipal Council is an important role in developing and developed the area of administration. Among the important role the Council is as follows:

 Planning, control and promote the development of urban areas in accordance with the laws and policies of the State and National.

 Provide and maintain public facilities such as roads, drainage, street lights, market stalls, public toilets, bus stops and taxi and other.

 Supervising city services and public health for residents, such as cleaning and solid waste disposal, waste disposal, cleaning, roads,
drains and other.

 Monitor the public health by regulating food handlers, to prevent infectious diseases, insect pests, and destroy others.

 Designing and implementing projects, and urban beautification and cleanliness of tourist spots.

 Prepare and maintain the sports complexes, recreation centers, parks and other city facilities.

 Plans to encourage commercial, industrial and tourism development strategies in accordance with state.

 Plan and promote the development of the business sector by way of additional facilities and the issuance of licenses for business